Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure: Additional Algorithms and Identifiers for DSA and ECDSA
RFC 5758

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Comment (2009-10-16)
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INTRODUCTION, paragraph 13:
>   Abstract
>      This document updates RFC 3279

  Agree with Alexey; document needs an "Updates: 3279" header.

Section 6.1, paragraph 8:
>      [SEC1]         Standards for Efficient Cryptography SEC 1:
>                      Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Version 2.0, 2009.

  Published by whom?

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Comment (2009-10-14)
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It would have been better if the document were using names in OIDs consistently. For example, section 2 uses:

     id-sha224  OBJECT IDENTIFIER  ::=  { joint-iso-itu-t(2) 
          country(16) us(840) organization(1) gov(101) csor(3) 
          nistalgorithm(4) hashalgs(2) 4 } 

And Section 3.1  uses:
     id-dsa-with-sha224 OBJECT IDENTIFIER  ::=  { joint-iso-ccitt(2)  
         country(16) us(840) organization(1) gov(101) csor(3) 
         algorithms(4) id-dsa-with-sha2(3) 1 }. 

I.e. joint-iso-itu-t versa joint-iso-ccitt, and nistalgorithm versa algorithms

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