Procedures for Rights Handling in the RFC Independent Submission Stream
RFC 5744

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  Throughout the document, ISE is expanded as "Independent Stream Editor."
  However, RFC 5620 uses  Independent Submission Editor.  Please use the
  term from RFC 5620.

  The Abstract says:

    This document specifies the procedures by which authors of RFC
    Independent Stream documents grant the community "incoming" rights
    for copying and using the text.  It also specifies the "outgoing"
    rights the community grants to readers and users of those documents,
    and it requests that the IETF Trust manage the outgoing rights to
    effect this result.


  Section 2 says:

    Section 8 of RFC 4846 presented the copyright rules for the
    Independent Submission stream.  The present document is intended to
    be fully consistent with that section, and to update it by clarifying
    the Trust-based formal procedures to effect those rules.

  The last sentence should be reworded to ensure that "Trust" is
  interpreted as the IETF Trust.

  Documents that become April 1st RFCs are not posted an I-Ds.  Should this
  document say anything about them?

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Section 4., paragraph 1:
>    Independent Stream authors will submit their material as Internet-
>    Drafts.  These drafts will be submitted to, and stored in, the IETF
>    Internet-Drafts repository in the same fashion as IETF Internet-
>    Drafts.

  Minor comment: FWIW, April 1 RFCs are explicitly excluded from the
  requirement to be submitted as IDs first on How is rights transfer handled
  for them?

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Comment removed after email discussions with Joel Halpern.

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