IESG Procedures for Handling of Independent and IRTF Stream Submissions
RFC 5742

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I agree with the DISCUSS comments by Cullen and Dan, but will let them hold the DISCUSS votes.

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Comment (2009-04-23)
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A bunch of comments. The RFC Editor might catch some of these, but not all. Check carefully because some of them have a subtle effect on the meaning.

1. Abstract
The Abstract contains an unnecessary note to the RFC Editor
   {{{ RFC Editor: Please change "RFC XXXX" to the number assigned to
   this document prior to publication. }}}
There is no reference to "RFC XXXX" in the document.

2. Section 1
   Documents published in streams other than the IETF Stream may not

3. Section 1
   Once these procedures are fully adopted, the IESG will continue to be
   responsible only for checking for conflicts between the work of the
s/will continue to be responsible only/will be responsible only/

4. Section 2
s/IRTF stream/IRTF Stream/

5. Section 3
s/publications as RFC/publication as RFCs/

6. Section 3
s/types of conclusions/types of conclusion/

7. Section 3
s/for <X>/for WG <X>/

8. General
Would be nice to consistent about "Independent Stream" or "Independent
Submission Stream"

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