Media Server Markup Language (MSML)
RFC 5707

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The IESG recommends that 'Media Server Markup Language (MSML)' <draft-saleem-msml-08.txt> NOT be published as an an Informational RFC.

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Technical Summary
This specification describes the Media Server Markup Language (MSML), a
language used to control and invoke a variety of services on media servers
used to support real-time communications. Common examples would be
conference services for audio and/or video bridges and interactive voice
response (IVR) systems.
Working Group Summary
This document is not a product of an IETF working group; it is an
individual submission via the RFC-Editor.
Protocol Quality
Jon Peterson and Robert Sparks have performed the RFC3932 reviews of this
document in conjunction with the chairs of the MEDIACTRL working group.

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      congestion control, or inappropriate interaction with deployed
      protocols.  The RFC Editor has chosen to publish this document at
      its discretion.  Readers of this document should exercise caution
      in evaluating its value for implementation and deployment.  See
      RFC 3932 for more information.

Note to the RFC Editor:

The IESG recommends the following:

3. The IESG thinks that publication is harmful to the IETF work done
in the MEDIACTRL WG and recommends not publishing the document at
this time.

The MEDIACTRL chairs feel that this work directly competes with ongoing
work in their group. This work can be published after these drafts are
* draft-ietf-mediactrl-sipcontrol-framework
* draft-ietf-mediactrl-ivr-control-package
* draft-ietf-mediactrl-mixer-control-package