Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv4 and DHCPv6) Options for IEEE 802.21 Mobility Services (MoS) Discovery
RFC 5678

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Comment (2009-05-07)
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Notwithstanding the text at the top of section 6.1 etc., and although one might assume "normal DHCP processing" it would be nice if the error case behavior was described. For example in section 2:
  In case there is no 
  MIH server available, the length is set to 0, otherwise it is a 
  multiple of 4.
What if it is received as not a multiple of 4?

It would also be good to briefly describe backward compatibility even though this is also "normal DHCP processing". What does a legacy node do with an option or sub-option it does not recognise? The issue for sub-options might be particularly sensitive as you are leaving space for new sub-options to be defined within your new options.

I would like to see acronyms expanded on first use. E.g. FQDN.

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Comment (2009-05-03 for -** No value found for 'p.get_dochistory.rev' **)
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2. MoS IPv4 Address Option for DHCPv4
   If the length is followed by a list of IPv4 addresses indicating 
   appropriate MIH servers available to the MN, servers MUST be listed in
   order of preference. Its minimum length is 4, and the length MUST be a
   multiple of 4.

Pedantic nit: the minimum length is 0 as per the following sentence:

   In case there is no MIH server available, the length 
   is set to 0. 

Is it Ok for the server to omit the suboption instead of returning it with length = 0?


   The sub-option has the following format: 
           Code Len   IPv4 Address 1    IPv4 Address 2 
         |1..3 | n |a1 | a2 |a3  | a4 | a1 |  ... 

The last line of the table needs deleting of 1 "-".

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