Definitions of Managed Objects for Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line 2 (VDSL2)
RFC 5650

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Comment (2009-07-02)
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I don't understand the default value provided in the following object. Please check that it is appropriate majick.

xdsl2LineAlarmConfTemplate  OBJECT-TYPE
   SYNTAX      SnmpAdminString (SIZE(1..32))
   MAX-ACCESS  read-write
   STATUS      current
      "The value of this object identifies the row in the xDSL2
       Line Alarm Configuration Template Table,
       xdsl2LineAlarmConfTemplateTable, which applies to this line.

       This object MUST be maintained in a persistent manner."
   REFERENCE    "DSL Forum TR-129, paragraph #5.1"
   DEFVAL       { "DEFVAL" }
   ::= { xdsl2LineEntry 3 }

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Comment (2009-07-02)
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This document does a nice job of implementing the security considerations template for MIBs.  Richard Barnes secdir review suggested an additional issue for consideration - are there security
issues that are derived from the readable and writable objects in combination?  Given the
the number of security relevant objects in the MIB, that seems plausible.

The authors might want to take a few minutes and conider whether such problems exist.

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