The Use of the SIPS URI Scheme in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
RFC 5630

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** Obsolete normative reference: RFC 4346 (Obsoleted by RFC 5246)

Section 3.2., paragraph 1:
>    request was delivered securily on each hop, while in fact, in was
  Nit: s/securily/securely/

Section 5.1.1., paragraph 6:
>    To emphasise what is already defined in [RFC3261], UAs MUST NOT use
  Nit: s/emphasise/emphasize/ (also elsewhere)

Section 5.4., paragraph 4:
>    used inconsistenty (e.g,, the Request-URI is a SIPS URI, but the
  Nit: s/inconsistenty/inconsistently/

Section 6.3., paragraph 2:
>    Edge Proxy B. Note that Registar/Authoritative Proxy B preserved the
  Nit: s/Registar/Registrar/ (also elsewhere)

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section 3.2


in several places:


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