Managed Objects for ATM over Packet Switched Networks (PSNs)
RFC 5605

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 06 and is now closed.

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support Dan's discuss

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Comment (2008-07-02)
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Jeffrey Hutzelman's SecDir review had some suggestions for
clarifications and editorial improvements; they're not blocking, 
but should be considered in AUTH48 (if not earlier).

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Comment (2008-07-01)
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I support Dan's discuss regarding the formatting in the security considerations section.  The text
is much more readable using the usual parentheses instead of the double quotes.

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Comment (2008-07-02)
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The introduction section mentions the PWE3 WG and mail list for further comments. I believe that this is inapropriate, as the future RFC may be longer lived than the WG.

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