The Sieve Mail-Filtering Language -- Extensions for Checking Mailbox Status and Accessing Mailbox Metadata
RFC 5490

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 08 and is now closed.

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Comment (2009-01-28)
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The abstract and introduction talk only about accessing mailbox/server
annotations, but the document also defines an extension for checking
mailbox status and creating mailboxes when needed. This should be
mentioned in the abstract and introduction.

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Comment (2009-01-29)
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I support Russ's discuss: I believe that the text Alexey proposed adding in his January 20
message (To Spencer Dawkins cc'ed to would be a useful addition.

I have no other issues with this document...

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Comment (2009-01-29)
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I think that it would be useful for the Introduction section to provide information about the applicability of the extensions defined in the document - are they targeting end-users, administrators, both?

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Magnus Westerlund No Objection