IANA Registration of Enumservices for Internet Calendaring
RFC 5333

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 04 and is now closed.

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Review by Christian Vogt:

Draft-ietf-enum-calendar-service-03 registers ENUM mappings for use by
calendaring applications.  The document is clear and concise, and
includes a thorough security analysis.  It should hence be considered
for publication.

One small addition that I propose for the document's introduction is
examples of the prospective use cases for the mapping specified by this
document.  Where would it be desired to address a calendaring
application with a telephone number?  One use case may be to enable
users to control calendaring applications via SMS.

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[This is more of a question than a comment, but it just doesn't rise to
the level of a discuss discuss.  Regardless of the answer, I see no value
in blocking or slowing this document.]

As specified, the ical service registration is overloaded, supporting both
iCalendar/iMIP and CalDAV.  Resources are differentiated according
to the URI scheme.  This makes sense as long as there is no prospect
of supporting the mailto: scheme for CalDAV or http(s): scheme for
iCalendar.  If such work is being contemplated, overloading the
registration seems like a bad idea.

RFC 3283 specifically mentions http for iCalendar as "non-standard
methods", the webdav wg has concluded, and I couldn't find a ID with
email and CalDAV so perhaps this a reasonable strategy.  Still, two
separate registrations seemed like a more reasonable strategy to me.

Is there something I am missing - some convergence of iCal and
CalDAV in common implementations, for example - that makes this
overloaded registration a good idea?

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