NETCONF Event Notifications
RFC 5277

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Comment (2008-03-27)
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The restrictions "[replayLogCreationTime] MUST be present
if replay is supported" could be expressed in XML schema, instead
of just documentation. Ditto for "[stopTime] must be used with startTime".

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Comment (2008-03-27)
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Notification Architecture

We don't have a notification architecture in the IETF.  It's unfortunate
but true and in my book that limits the extent to which the IESG should
constrain notification sub-systems.  We do have two standardized
publish/subscribe/notification mechanisms (SIP and XMPP) and the extent
to which it's a good idea to create additional such mechanisms is
unclear.  While I am not opposed to netconf having a netconf-embedded
notification subsystem despite the redunancy of that subsystem with SIP
& XMPP, it will be important for netconf events to be visible in
general-purpose notification systems.  I don't expect the typical cell
phone to ever have a Netconf client that keeps a connection to the
Netconf server open, but such devices will have SMS, SIP and/or XMPP
clients for general purpose notifications.  I would be a lot more
comfortable with this specification if it at least recognized some of
these events need to be made available outside the Netconf session.

Section 3.6.1 Nit:
>   parameter.  A Filter only exist as a parameter to the subscription.

Section 7:
>   that it is viewed only by authorized users.  If a user does not have
>   permission to view content via other NETCONF operations, it must not
>   have access that content via Notifications.
s/access that/access to that/

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