Mobile IPv6 Fast Handovers over IEEE 802.16e Networks
RFC 5270

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Comment (2008-02-21)
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Section 1
2nd paragraph
- Should mention that RFC 4260 provides a fast HO solution for IEEE
802.11 networks.
- Provide reference for IEEE 802.16.

Section 5
Several acronyms from FMIPv6 are used without any introduction, e.g.
AR, PAR, FBU, NAR, etc.

Section 6
-again many acronyms/message are used without any introduction, e.g.
UNA, HI, HACK, etc and others used in the figures
-change “..belongs to the different subnet” to “..belongs to a
different subnet”

Subsection 6.1
-no reference to Figure 3
-for clarification maybe add that msg between L3 and L2 are IEEE
802.21, msg between MN L2 and the BS are IEEE 802.16, and msg
between MN L2 and the AR are FMIPv6.

Subsection 6.2
-no reference to Figure 4

Section 7
-reference EAP [RFC 3748] and other protection mechanism after
updating section (see technical comments)

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