Internet Message Access Protocol Internationalization
RFC 5255

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 15 and is now closed.

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Comment (2008-03-05)
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> Clients are urged to
> issue LANGUAGE before authentication, since some servers send
> valuable user information as part of authentication (e.g. "password
> is correct, but expired").

Clients SHOULD issue?

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Comment (2008-03-06)
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The LANGUAGE response is ambiguous for the corner case where the LANGUAGE extension
is supported but only the i-default langauge is supported.  Specifically, Section 3.3 states:

    A LANGUAGE response with a list containing a single language tag
    indicates that the server is now using that language.  A LANGUAGE
    response with a list containing multiple language tags indicates the
    server is communicating a list of available languages to the client,
    and no change in the active language has been made.

However, for the corner case the server's list of langauges is just i-default.

Adding a requirements that "IMAP servers that support this extension MUST
support at least one langauge in addition to i-default" would correct this by
avoiding the corner case.   (Just an observation, I'm not set on any particular

Is I18NLEVEL=1 defined in another specification?  The introductory text (Section2, final
paragraph) implies that only I18NLEVEL=2 is specified here, but section 4 includes
definitions for I18NLEVEL= 1 and 2.

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