Layer 1 VPN Basic Mode
RFC 5251

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In Section 1, you say:

As with L3VPNs, there are protocol options to be made with auto-discovery.

Did you mean protocol choices?

In Setion 2, you say:

Since the mechanisms specified in this document
   use GMPLS as the signaling mechanism, and since GMPLS applies to
   both SONET/SDH (TDM) and Lambda Switch Capable (LSC) interfaces, it
   results that L1VPN services include (but are not restricted) to
   Lambda Switch Capable or TDM-based equipment.

Did you mean "it follows that"?

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Comment (2008-05-05)
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The document could perhaps use a slightly longer explanation of how
the PE, when it receives a RSVP message, determines which L1VPN it's
associated with (since apparently the RSVP messages are not
necessarily sent over the CE-PE link identified by CPI/PPI, and the
L1VPN is not uniquely identified by CE-CC-Addr/PE-CC-Addr).

Sandy's SecDir review also identified a number of places that
would benefit from some clarification of the text, and provided
editorial comments that should be taken into acccount.

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  There has been a dialogue between Sandy Murphy and Adrian Farrel that
  was begun by Sandy's SecDir Review.  The Security Considerations in
  this document are very sparse, saying essentially that because the
  matching of customer channels to provider ports is assumed to be done
  correctly and out of band there are no security considerations.
  However, the dialogue between Sandy and Adrian shows that there is
  actually more to say.  I support the DISCUSS position that Pasi has
  entered ...

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Note that I support Pasi's discuss wrt security considerations.

One nit:

s 4.1, 1st sentence

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