A Registry for SMTP Enhanced Mail System Status Codes
RFC 5248

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Comment (2008-04-23)
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A lot of draft-hansens, draft-klensins, draft-melnikovs, etc. Documents
that are discussed on specific mailing lists around a topic. I counted
over 60% individual submission rate over WG submission rate on the APPS
area. Good documents. Necessary documents. Stuff that should be done. But
are you sure you don't need more WGs? I do a lot of individual submissions
too, but I also find that WG documents do get more review, more exposure
from the IETF community, easier to delegate work to chairs, etc. Is there
something that blocks us from having more WGs to look at these things, 
e.g., around e-mail? Are the updates too spread out to define a useful
WG for them? Or does our process of starting up a WG have a too high

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