IPv6 Deployment Scenarios in 802.16 Networks
RFC 5181

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These comments from Bert Wijnen:

Here are my comments:

- Security Considerations section points to sect 2.5
  But that section only concludes that
                                                        But, we do not
   have PKIs across organizations and IPsec is not integrated with IEEE
   802.16 network mobility management.

   IEEE 802.16 network threats may be different from IPv6 and IPv6
   transition threat models [RFC4942].  It should be also discussed

  I wonder if this is acceptable.


- SECTION 1.1, first bullet:
   o  Base Station (BS): A generalized equipment sets providing
      connectivity, management, and control between the subscriber
      station and the 802.16 networks.

  s/sets/set/ ?? At least to my ear

- Pls expand acronyms the furst time they are used. Examples
  are DAD, MN

- Section 2.6 talks about 3 connections. The first is the "base
  connection", then it speaks about "primary" and "secondary"
  connections. It feels somewhat strange to consider the
  2nd connection the "primary" and the 3rd connection the
  "secondary". It is not tstated that way... but I had to read
  a few times to understand what was meant. Maybe the text can be

- 3rd para in section 2.6

   IPv6 based IEEE 802.16 networks can be managed by IPv4 or IPv6 when
   network elements are implemented dual stack.  For example, network

  I think I would s/managed by/manager over/
  or s/managed by/managed via/

- same 3rd para of section 2.6

   related object identifiers.  Also, an NMS can use IPv6 for SNMP
   requests and responses including IPv4 related OID.

  Not sure I understand what is meant with "IPv4 related OID."

- IDnits states:

  == Outdated reference: A later version (-04) exists of

Bert Wijnen

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I put no object only because others have covered my concerns and I will let them carry the discusses

Magnus Westerlund No Objection