DNS Security (DNSSEC) Hashed Authenticated Denial of Existence
RFC 5155

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  From the Gen-ART Review by Pasi Eronen: 

  1) This document creates a new registry for NSEC3 RR hash algorithms.
  Is there a reason why the existing registry for DS RR hash algorithms
  can't be used?

  2) Section 10.1: it would be useful to give a numerical example of
  what the maximum length is (for say, "foo.example.com" zone and SHA-1),
  instead of just saying "it depends".

  3) Appendix A: it would be useful if the example zone contained
  a list of hashes-vs-names as comments (they're included later
  in the example queries/answers, but wouldn't hurt repeating them...).

  4) Section C.1 seems to be in wrong place. Given its location, I 
  would expect to find only some background information, not sentences
  containing MUST or SHOULD keywords. Probably this should be somewhere
  earlier in the document?

  5) I found Section C.2.3 very confusing. It's not clear whether this
  section describes a feature of the protocol, or a feature that was
  proposed but was not included (and design rationale why not). Either
  way, this section needs clarification.

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Comment (2007-05-21)
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Appendix C.1 begins with the statement:

"Augmenting original owner names with salt before hashing increases
the cost of a dictionary of pre-generated hash-values."

It would be helpful if this section explained that including a salt,
regardless of size, does not affect the cost of constructing the
NSEC3 RRs using the method outlined in section 7.1.   (It does,
however, increase the size of the NSEC3 RR.  That should also be

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