WITHIN Search Extension to the IMAP Protocol
RFC 5032

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 05 and is now closed.

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Comment (2007-07-05)
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Putting this on agenda for 07-19 to get discuss cleared.

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Section 4020, paragraph 0:
>    For example, if the client requests messages that are younger than
>    4020 (67 minutes), but the server only performs searches with hourly
>    accuracy (as mandated above), the server performs the search as if
>    the client requested a 60-minute interval.  Note the choice of
>    rounding up or down is at the discretion of the server.  However,
>    rounding down to zero is NOT RECOMMENDED, as this may result in
>    searches for messages YOUNGER than a value being rounded to YOUNGER
>    0, which will always fail.

  The issue of rounding down for YOUNGER being problematic is
  important. It should be moved from the example to the preceding
  paragraph, where behavior is specified. Also, rounding up for OLDER is
  similarly problematic and should be discouraged, too.

  (I'll let Cullen hold the DISCUSS on the rounding issue.)

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Comment (2007-04-03 for -** No value found for 'p.get_dochistory.rev' **)
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  Gen-ART Review by Lucy Lynch.

  Lucy notes that Lars already has a discuss position posted.  She
  doesn't feel quite as strongly about the YOUNGER calculation as
  Lars, but she believes a couple examples (good and bad) might help.

  The abstract is beautifully clear, but the protocol operation
  section (from "In some cases" on) is less so. The series of key
  words: "SHOULD" "MUST" "MAY" "NOT RECOMMENDED" make it obvious
  that the 60 min/YOUNGER interval problem is serious, but it took
  a couple of reading to visualize the sliding window permutations
  as described.

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Comment (2007-04-03)
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typo in ABNF /= should be =/

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