Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Extensions for Advertising Router Information
RFC 4971

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Header line:
 Proposed status: Standard 
should be
 Intended status: Standards Track

Editorial points from Gen-Art review by Francis Dupont:

 - 1 page 2: I know what is IS-IS but a random reader likely doesn't:
  add a reference to the ISO IS (i.e., [IS-IS]) in the first sentence.
  (and perhaps add IS-IS-IP too, cf last comment).
 - 1 page 2: "two" examples numbered from 1 to 3 (:-)!
 - 2 page 3: I don't understand the "to prevent TLV looping" but
  perhaps it is not "TLV" looping?
 - 3 page 3: I don't like the term "domain flooding scope", it seems a
  bit redundant to me.
 - 3 page 4: "stale capabilities information A system"
                                            ^^ ", a "?
 - 9.1 page 6: is ISIS-TE really a normative reference? BTW there is no
   reference in the text (same for the previous item, there is a nice
   checker for this: I suggest to use it...)

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Comment (2007-02-05)
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Section 1., paragraph 5:
>    The use of IS-IS for Path Computation Element (PCE) discovery may
>    also be considered and will be discussed in the PCE WG.

  RFCs shouldn't typically discuss what WGs at the time did or didn't
  do. Remove paragraph.

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