Definitions of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.3 Medium Attachment Units (MAUs)
RFC 4836

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Comment (2006-11-14)
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IANA sent the following comment:

IANA has a question regarding this document.

Upon approval of this document, IANA will create a new registry 
called the IANA MAU MIB to be located at:

The contents of the entire MIB definition in Section 4 of the 
approved document will be used as the initial contents of the 
new registry.

Updates to the registry are to be the Expert Review process, 
as defined in RFC2434. IANA wishes to know who the initial 
expert(s) are for the update process.

We suggest that the initial experts for the update process be Bert Wijnen (WG chair) and Dan Romascanu (co-AD).

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Comment (2006-11-15)
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The document says:

ANAifMauAutoNegCapBits, IANAifJackType
         FROM IANA-MAU-MIB       -- RFC 3636bis
-- EdNote: Replace RFC 3636bis above with the URL of the
         -- actual IANA-maintained module & remove this note.

Why does this need to be a URL?   Why is a reference not enough?

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