An Extensible Markup Language (XML) Configuration Access Protocol (XCAP) Usage for Manipulating Presence Document Contents
RFC 4827

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 02 and is now closed.

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Comment (2005-03-03)
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Reviewed by Spencer Dawkins, Gen-ART

His comment:

I've been in touch with Ted and the editors for this draft, and they have considered my question about document set organization, so I'm reporting the current version as ready for publication as Proposed Standards.

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Comment (2005-03-03)
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I notice an old i-d ref (now RFC)  that may fall through the cracks because it has incorrect title
and authors -

   [3]  Sugano, H., "CPIM presence information data format",
        draft-ietf-impp-cpim-pidf-08, May 2003.

3863 Presence Information Data Format (PIDF). H. Sugano, S. Fujimoto,
     G. Klyne, A. Bateman, W. Carr, J. Peterson. August 2004.

[After recent non-translations by RFC-Ed, I think editors/we need to catch these]

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