Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) over IEEE 802 Networks
RFC 4789

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Comment (2006-09-26)
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Section 3., paragraph 1:
>    This is an optional transport mapping.


Section 3.2., paragraph 3:
>    It is recommended that implementations be capable of accepting
>    messages of up to 1472 octets in size.  Implementation of larger
>    values is encouraged whenever possible.


Section 3415, paragraph 0:
>    Specifically, the use of the User-based Security Model STD 62, RFC
>    3414 [RFC3414] and the View-based Access Control Model STD 62, RFC
>    3415 [RFC3415] is recommended.

  Nit: Missing Reference: 'RFC3414' is mentioned on line 220, but not
  defined. Missing Reference: 'RFC3415' is mentioned on line 221, but
  not defined.

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Comment (2006-09-24 for -** No value found for 'p.get_dochistory.rev' **)
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This document seems to have no use of the RFC 2119 normative language but it should.

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Comment (2006-09-28)
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I'd like to ask in what situations someone would want to run SNMP directly over ethernet, and discuss whether or not to at least include one example to describe such motivations.

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