Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Password Authenticated Exchange
RFC 4746

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From Gen-ART review by Elwyn Davies. I don't want to delay the
document, but the first two points could benefit from small

> Issues:
> =======
> s2.2:
>> If the underlying
>>    EAP transport protocol is known, then the client SHOULD differentiate
>>    between these values.
> What are the consequences of not doing... under what circumstances would
> it be reasonable or necessary not to differentiate?
> What is the mapping between types of EAP transport protocol and field
> values ( straight PPP is obvious but what other types map to the two
> kinds?).  What happens if other certificate types are defined? And other
> transports?

I actually suspect the author meant MUST, because this is the object
of an IF. But since the IF is there, I assume that the consequences 
of not doing so are not viewed as serious - so I won't make this a DISCUSS.

> s3.2: The len field is still not precisely defined.  It appears that it
> is the length in octets of the corresponding value field in octets
> encoded as a two octet binary integer.

Since everything is described in bytes (or inconsistently, in octets)
I don't think another interpretation is possible, so again I will
refrain from a DISCUSS. But it would be better to be more precise.

> Editorial:
> ==========
> s1.2: Expand NAI.  A reference to a suitable RFC that explains
> Diffie-Hellman generators would be useful.
> s3.2: I think it would be good to emphasise that the MAC is computed
> just over the value field and not the length field [If I was an
> implementor I am not sure how happy I would be about this!].

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