The Dynamic Source Routing Protocol (DSR) for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks for IPv4
RFC 4728

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Comment (2005-04-22)
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   We assume that a node receiving a corrupted packet can
   detect the error and discard the packet.

Is this "receipt" as in end-point receipt, or nodes along the route 
receiving then discarding the packet?  I am assuming that
"end-point receipt" is meant here--if not, some clarification
may be in order.

Comments below do not anticipate any change in the document.

Since the document is going for experimental, it might be useful
to examine at what rate routes "overheard" are used.
Depending on the rate of change and the available resources,
it seems like it may be optimal in some circumstances to avoid
learning overheard routes.  

I think it would also be valuable to test the routes used in
"Salvaged" packets against the case in which the node
originating the packet also had multiple routes to see if
a pattern emerges in which salvaged packets had
significantly better or worse routes than the alternate
routes available at the origin.

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Comment (2005-04-20)
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References should definitely be split normative/informative.

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Comment (2006-05-15)
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I decided to change my DISCUSS to ABSTAIN. I don't understand why the authors
have been unresponsive but since it's over a year, let's be done with it, since
it's Experimental anyway.

This draft applies to IPv4 only. The title should say that by adding "using IPv4" to the end, or something like that. Furthermore, the text states that "... and operation of DSR with IPv6 [7], are covered in other documents." [7] is only a reference to the basic IPv6 spec. I'd expect to see at least a "work in progress" reference to substantive work on DSR for IPv6, if the quoted statement is correct.