Encapsulation Methods for Transport of Frame Relay over Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Networks
RFC 4619

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Comment (2006-03-13)
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The number of contributing authors listed is remarkable.
I would really expect this many names to be handled by
a simple list of acknowledgments.

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Comment (2006-03-15)
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Very nice applicability statement and congestion control considerations -
careful presentation about AF vs. EF, uses of diffserv-TE classes, where
BECN/FECN can and cannot be handled, and so on.

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Comment (2006-03-16)
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>7.7. MPLS Shim EXP Bit Values
>   If it is desired to carry Quality of Service information, the Quality
>   of Service information SHOULD be represented in the EXP field of the
>   PW MPLS label. If more than one MPLS label is imposed by the ingress
>   LSR, the EXP field of any labels higher in the stack SHOULD also
>   carry the same value.

Reference missing here?