MAC-Forced Forwarding: A Method for Subscriber Separation on an Ethernet Access Network
RFC 4562

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Technical Summary
This document describes a mechanism to ensure layer-2 separation of
LAN stations accessing an IPv4 gateway over a shared Ethernet
segment. Rather than use standard "bridge" forwarding, this document
uses a variant of ARP spoofing and address filtering to prevent nodes
from improperly sending traffic directly to a MAC address other than
that of the designated Access Router.
Working Group Summary
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Protocol Quality
This document has been reviewed for the IESG by Thomas Narten.


The IESG had serious concerns about an earlier version of
this document with respect to its affect on IPv6 and VRRP.
The authors chose to make significant efforts to correct the
document based on these concerns. The latest version (-04,
published Jan 27) is now satisfactory.

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implementation and deployment.  See RFC 3932 for more information.