Remote Network Monitoring Management Information Base Version 2
RFC 4502

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 05 and is now closed.

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Comment (2005-11-29)
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To Scott Hollenbeck:
is the implementation report, as was also listed in the IETF Last Call.

To address comment from Brian Carpenter, I added the following:

Notes to RFC-Editor:

In abstract, pls change:
    This document obsoletes RFC 2021 and the RMON2-MIB module
    contained in this memo obsoletes the RMON2-MIB module at
    RFC3273 level.
    This document obsoletes RFC 2021,  updates RFC 3273 and
    contains a new version of the RMON2-MIB module.

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Comment (2005-11-25)
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(from Gen-ART review by Harald Alvestrand)

Note: Perhaps try to make it clear to the RFC Editor that this document obsoletes both RFC 2021 and RFC 3273 - this wasn't blindingly obvious to me until I understood that RFC 3273 (Proposed in 2002) contained the pieces that were added to 2021 in order to create the complete object that we're considering for approval.

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Comment (2005-11-23)
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Comment (2005-12-01)
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Shouldn't a MIB going to Draft Standard normatively reference RFC 2438, the BCP about
MIBs advancing in the standards track?

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