Interworking between the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and QSIG
RFC 4497

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Comment (2005-03-30)
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From Gen-Art review

Document: draft-ietf-sipping-qsig2sip-04.txt
Review: Scott W Brim 
Date: 21 mars 2005 

It is obvious that a lot of thought has gone into this draft.  I think
it should go ahead, but I have a few small comments you might want to

- (nit) Is "media information" a typical phrase in QSIG?  It seems to
  mean the data plane traffic, but it is only used in the
  introductory material.  Later on "media stream", a more intuitive
  phrase apparently for the same thing, is used at least for the SIP

- There is text in an introductory paragraph that is a bit misleading,
  in that it does not describe the actual procedures:

      A call from QSIG to SIP is initiated when a QSIG SETUP message
      arrives at the gateway. The QSIG SETUP message initiates QSIG
      call establishment and an initial response message completes
      negotiation of the bearer channel to be used for that call. The
      gateway then sends a SIP INVITE request,

  Actually the QSIG peer just gets a Call Proceeding, right?.

- Table 3 and Table 4 should be indented under their headers.

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Comment (2005-03-28)
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  Very nice job on the security considerations.

  Please change "SMIME" to "S/MIME" throughout the document.

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