A Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) Developed by Cisco, Nuance, and Speechworks
RFC 4463

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No Security Considerations section.

I didn't read this closely, but it appears that the only authentication mechanism is a password in a URI, i.e., a clear-text password.

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Reviewed by Spencer Dawkins, Gen-ART

His review:

Using the criteria for Individual RFC-Editor Submissions:

Reviews should focus on these questions: "Does this document
represent an end run around the IETF's working groups
or its procedures? Does this document present an incompatible
change to IETF technologies as if it were compatible?"

This document is ready for publication as an Informational RFC.

I would have more comments if it was an IETF document.

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Comment (2004-09-16)
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I sent the contents of my DISCUSS to the draft authors and the RFC-Editor.

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Comment (2004-11-27)
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References should be split normative/informative.

Previous discuss text:

Missing security considerations and IANA considerations sections.

I don't quite understand if the application/mrcp content, which looks like XML to me, is a normative part of this specification.  If it is, a normative reference to the appropriate W3C XML specifications needs to be added.

Where is the application/mrcp MIME type registered?  It's not in the IANA registry now, and I don't see a template in the document.

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Instead of net 10 addresses they should use the addresses as per RFC3330
for the examples

Instead of their current fqdns, they should use xxx.example.com