MTU and Fragmentation Issues with In-the-Network Tunneling
RFC 4459

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Comment (2006-01-05)
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   A new approach to PMTUD is in the works [13], but it is uncertain
   whether that would fix the problems -- at least not the passive
   monitoring requirements.

A nice document, but about the above:  when the new method
PMTUD works, it looks to the transport like there is a lower
MTU path being encountered.  The mechanism is in-band in
the TCP and SCTP window establishments (and could also
be adapted into the feedback mechanisms of RTP and DCCP,
in the cases where they are able to reduce packet size, 
though that has not been discussed).  This is not a blocking comment,
just for information.  One problem is that the PMTUD WG does
not keep moving very well :(

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