Detecting Network Attachment in IPv4 (DNAv4)
RFC 4436

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Comment/question from Jari Arrko's Mobility Directorate review:

>    [c] If secure detection of network attachment is required.
>        The reachability test utilizes ARP which is insecure.

What, specifically, is your model of "secure detection of network attachment"? How do I implement this requirement in a host i.e. what feature must be on for me to skip DNAv4?
Do you mean that if DHCP authentication is on then we skip DNAv4?

Also, some forms of secure ARP (e.g. Cisco's DHCP-secured
ARP) appear to work without host involvement and would appear to be compatible with DNAv4.

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The document says:

Experience has shown that IPv4 Link-Local
addresses are often assigned inappropriately, compromising both
performance and connectivity.

Is there a citation for this, or was this experience shared with the working group?

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