Guidelines and Registration Procedures for New URI Schemes
RFC 4395

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 07 and is now closed.

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Typo noted by Spencer Dawkins

> Eek! This is a typo. The second 'provisional' should be 'permanent'.
> It's trying to say that IANA should do what the Expert
> recommends.
>>I had reviewed version 05 of this draft and chatted with the authors on a 
>>couple of points, so "no objection to publication as a BCP", 
>>but there's one incoherent part, at the top of page 10:
>>   5.  If Expert Review recommends registration 'provisional' or
>>       'provisional' registration, IANA adds the registration to the
>>       appropriate registry.

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Comment (2005-10-25)
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  Can reference [14] be deleted?

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