Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP)
RFC 4340

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Reviewed by Scott Brim, Gen-ART

Review (positive) in document log.

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This is a very well-written and comprehensive specification.  There seems to be one thing missing that I think would improve the specification of DCCP over IPv6 -- an indication of when DCCP should send reachability confirmations as described in RFC 2461 (and, perhaps more importantly, when it should not).

Appendix E.1 of draft-ietf-ipv6-2461bis-02.txt describes how TCP would know when to send (and not to send) this type of confirmation, and could be used as a guide.  However, I think that this determination might be a bit more complicated in DCCP, due to its more complex set of acknowledgement (and acknowledgement or acknowledgement) options.

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  In section 6.6.8: s/limitiations/limitations/

  In section 18, a few pointers other places in the document where
  denial-of-service protection is discussed would be helpful.

  In section 18.1 where bit error impacts are discussed, it might
  be helpful to also point to SRTP.

  In section 20: s/codesigned/co-designed/

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