The gopher URI Scheme
RFC 4266

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Comment (2005-05-23)
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Some editorial comments from Gen-ART review by Elwyn Davies,

> two queries and an editorial
> nit:
> - In the abstract we have 'This document specifies the gopher1 Uniform...'
>                                                             ===
>   I presume this is a mistake rather than intentional and should be 'gopher'.
> - Although this is not a new scheme, I guess this document ought to have a short
> IANA considerations section instructing IANA to update the reference for the
> gopher URI scheme from RFC1738 to whatever RFC this becomes.
> - Section 3: For consistency in the second sentence:
>   s/gopher protocol/Gopher protocol/

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Comment (2005-05-24)
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  In the abstract: s/gopher1/gopher/

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