Mobile IP Version 6 Route Optimization Security Design Background
RFC 4225

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Overall, a very nice document. Well-written, good overview of the
security design.  It sure would be nice to see more documents like


>    To understand Mobile IPv6, it is important to understand the MIPv6
>    design view to the base IPv6 protocol and infrastructure.  The most

sentence could be better worded.

>    The basic solution requires tunneling through the home agent, thereby
>    leading to longer paths and degraded performance.  This tunneling is
>    sometimes called triangular routing since it was originally planned
>    that the packets from the mobile node to its peer could still
>    traverse directly, bypassing the home agent.

perhaps add: (Ingress filtering effectively forces return traffic from
the MN to also travel via the HA.)

>    As a security goal, Mobile IPv6 design aimed to be "as secure as the

s/, /, the/

>    formation.  That is, an attacker has much easier task to fool a

s/has/has the/
s/to fool/of fooling/

>    messages to be sent by the targets nodes.


>    (Section 3.4).  Finally, we considering the applicability of


>    Any protocol for authenticating binding update has to consider replay


also s/binding update/Binding Update/ throughout? I.e,. isn't this a
proper name?

>    discussed in <threats>.  The goal has been to produce a design whose

is <threats> supposed to be a reference to a specific document?

>    the corresponded nodes is deliberately restricted to a few minutes,


>    Return Routability (RR) is the name of the basic mechanism deployed
>    by Mobile IPv6 route optimization security design.  Basically, it

"deployed" is not really the right work. selected? chosen?

also s/by/by the/

>    neighboring node.  To launch this attack, the mobile nodes


Authors section doens't include full contact info for all info (e.g.,
email addresses).

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Reviewed by Elwyn Davies, Gen-ART

He wonders if this is really two documents trying to share one body... complete review in document log.