Unique Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses
RFC 4193

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 09 and is now closed.

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Reviewed by Michael Patton, Gen-ART

His review of -08:

OK.  I have enough other work that I'm not going to do a full
re-review, but I went through my earlier review and checked all of the
items I found then and they all seem to have been adequately addressed.

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Section 7 says that "AAAA and PTR records for locally assigned local IPv6 addresses are not recommended to be installed in the global DNS."  Some text to explain why would be helpful.

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Comment (2004-10-13)
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  Section 3.2.2 makes use of MD5.  While MD5 is probably fine for this
  application, I strongly prefer SHA-1.  I propose the replacement
  of steps 4) and 5) with the following:
     4) Compute an SHA-1 digest on the key as specified in [FIPS, SHA1];
        the resulting value is 160 bits.
     5) Use the least significant 40 bits as the Global ID.

     [FIPS]   Federal Information Processing Standards Publication
              (FIPS PUB) 180-1, Secure Hash Standard, 17 April 1995.
     [SHA1]   D. Eastlake 3rd and P. Jones,  US Secure Hash Algorithm 1 
              (SHA1), RFC 3174, September 2001.

  Section 3.2.2 provides an algorithm, but not source code.  I think
  the title of the section should be changed.

  Global change: s/IPSEC/IPsec/

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