Using Universal Content Identifier (UCI) as Uniform Resource Names (URN)
RFC 4179

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Network Working Group                                            S. Kang
Request for Comments: 4179               National Computerization Agency
Category: Informational                                     October 2005

                Using Universal Content Identifier (UCI)
                    as Uniform Resource Names (URN)

Status of This Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  It does
   not specify an Internet standard of any kind.  Distribution of this
   memo is unlimited.

Copyright Notice

   Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2005).


   This document describes a Uniform Resource Name (URN) namespace for
   the National Computerization Agency (NCA) for naming persistent
   digital resources such as music, videos, texts, images, e-books, and
   other types of digital resources produced or managed by NCA.

1.  Introduction

   NCA is a non-profit organization with a mandate to develop and
   promote information infrastructure and manage public digital contents
   in Korea and possibly worldwide.

   NCA has been supervising digitalization projects with various
   organizations.  The contents involved in such projects include
   millions of technical papers, cultural properties, educational
   materials, scientific research reports.  Those organizations manage
   the digital contents in a standardized way set by NCA and provide
   users with various content services via internet.

   NCA wishes to issue globally unique and persistent IDs to digital
   resources and assign relevant organizations as its registration
   agencies under the Universal Content Identifier (UCI) scheme.  It is
   beneficial for NCA, its registration agencies, and the value chain
   players in e-commerce, to have the UCI URN namespace, under which all
   the contents and components produced and managed by NCA are digitally
   registered, identified, and resolved.

   NCA has been developing and operating the UCI system that provides
   registration, resolution, search, and administration functionalities.

Kang                         Informational                      [Page 1]
RFC 4179                 URN Namespace for UCI              October 2005

   The functionalities are going to be added and modified once the use
   of UCI URN namespace is approved.  NCA would like to assign unique,
   permanent, and location-independent names based on the URNs for the
   resources it produces or manages.  See for more information on NCA.

   This namespace specification is for a formal namespace.

2.  Specification Template

   Namespace ID:


   Registration Information:

      Registration Version Number: 1       Registration Date: 2004-07-xx

   Declared registrant of the namespace:

      Name       : Sang-ug Kang
      Affiliation: National Computerization Agency
      Address    : NCA Bldg. 77 Mookyo-Dong, Chung-Ku, Seoul, Korea
      Phone      : +82 (2) 2131-0443
      Email      : <>
      Web        : <> or <>

   Declaration of syntactic structure:

      The Namespace specific string of all URNs assigned by NCA conforms
      to the syntax defined in section 2.2. of RFC2141, "URN Syntax"[1].
      The syntax convention is described in the form of ABNF rules [2]
      as the following.

      UCI = prefix "-" instance *1(":" qualifier)

      prefix = 1*(alphaDigit) *1(":" 1*(alphaDigit))
               *1("+" 1*(alphaDigit))
      instance = 1*(trans / "%" HEXDIG HEXDIG)
      qualifier = head 1*(alphaDigit) *2("-" head 1*(alphaDigit))
      trans = alphaDigit / other
      alphaDigit = ALPHA / DIGIT
      head = "C" / "R" / "F"
      other = "(" / ")" / "+" / "," / "-" / "." / "=" / "@" /
              ";" / "$" / "_" / "!" / "*" / "'"

Kang                         Informational                      [Page 2]
RFC 4179                 URN Namespace for UCI              October 2005

      The UCI identifier consists of two parts: prefix code and content
      code.  The content code is also divided into instance code and
      qualifier code, which is optional.  A prefix code is given to a
      registration agency, subordinate registration agency, and/or its
      registrants such as 'G3000+music', 'I600', 'I500+paper', and so
      forth.  A content code is issued to each individual digital
      resource such as 'cii90007', '8987409', and so on.

   Relevant ancillary documentation:


   Identifier uniqueness considerations:

      It is the responsibility of the registration authority, or NCA, to
      guarantee the uniqueness of identifiers and the names of
      subordinate naming authorities.  For example, a software tool
      developed and used by NCA checks if a UCI identifier is being
      reassigned and verifies that it is assigned to at most one
      resource during the registration process.

   Identifier persistence considerations:

      Registration Agencies are all eligible to maintain the usability
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