The application/mbox Media Type
RFC 4155

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Technical Summary

This document requests that the application/MBOX media-type be 
authorized for allocation by IANA, according to the terms 
specified in RFC 2048.

UNIX-like operating systems have historically made widespread use 
of "mbox" database files for a variety of local email purposes. In 
the common case, mbox files store linear sequences of one or more 
electronic mail messages, with local email clients treating the 
database as a logical folder of email messages. mbox databases are 
also used by a variety of other messaging tools, such as mailing 
list management programs, archiving and filtering utilities, 
messaging servers, and other related applications. In recent 
years, mbox databases have also become common on a large number of 
non-UNIX computing platforms, for similar kinds of purposes. 
The increased pervasiveness of these files has led to an increased 
demand for a standardized, network-wide interchange of these files 
as discrete database objects. In turn, this dictates a need for a 
media-type definition for mbox files in general, which is the 
subject and purpose of this memo.

Working Group Summary

This document is the work of an individual submitter.  It was
subjected to MIME-types review, but it is has not been reviewed
by an IETF working group.  MIME-type review comments have been
incorporated into the document.

Protocol Quality

Scott Hollenbeck has reviewed this specification for the IESG.