Structure of the IETF Administrative Support Activity (IASA)
RFC 4071

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I suggest we change refs to RFC2026 and RFC3777 to BCP09, and BCP10
correspondingly, so that when 2026 and 3777 get updated, the refs 
are still meaningful.

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Comment (2005-02-03)
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  Section 4 includes a discussion of the process for selection of
  IAOC members.  There is not a paragraph that covers the member
  appointed by the ISOC Board of Trustees.  However, the guidance
  provided to the IAB and the IESG seems appropirate for the ISOC
  Board of Trustees as well:

    - Appointees need not be current ISOC Board of Trustees members
      (and probably should not be);

    - The ISOC Board of Trustees should choose people with some
      knowledge of contracts and financial procedures, who are
      familiar with the administrative support needs of the IAB,
      the IESG, or the IETF standards process.

    - The ISOC Board of Trustees should follow a fairly open process,
      perhaps with an open call for nominations or a period of public
      comment on the candidates.

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