Considerations When Using Basic OSPF Convergence Benchmarks
RFC 4063

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These documents were reviewed by Brian Carpenter, Gen-ART.

They have not been checked against the ID-NITS list.

No table of contents, no copyright boilerplate. MUST NOT used
without definition. Minor errors in English. No Security Considerations

Note on "applicability":

Despite the word "applicability" in the title, this is not an Applicability
Statement in the IETF sense. The IESG needs to be sure it doesn't have a problem
with that. It's really a set of health warnings about the following document.
It does therefore need to be published at the same time.

The -intraarea- document treats IPv6 as a "poor cousin". It should say that it's equally applicable to IPv4 and IPv6 (unless it is not).

The reason this is a Comment and not a Discuss is that others hold the token for getting the security sections right. The rest should be fixed at the same time.

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