Policy Based Management MIB
RFC 4011

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 15 and is now closed.

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I'm a no-obj on this one, but I have to say that this sort of full
language specification makes me a bit nervous. I hope we really have
the necessary langauge design expertise for this sort of thing.

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There are some line wrap problems in the Security Considerations section that ought to be fixed.

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Bert wrote:

  W.r.t. security issues. I think it would help a lot if we add a
  description how this could be used in the most simple way and then
  be reasonable secure. Like a small set (one or two) principals (that
  is the term we use in SNMP Arch, but maybe users is a better term)
  who can create and modify the scripts and then also schedule them.
  So that is a vey controlled environment.
  We should then also add a serious warning that the system allows for
  a lot more flexible ways, but that such makes it much more complex
  to keep things properly configured. It brings a lot of risk for error
  and thus security holes because of misconfiguration.

It would be a great idea to add the text you describe.  I can see it
appearing in the most detail in the Security Considerations, but I'd
also recommend a flavor of it in Section 3, after the discussion
of enabling the management of hundreds of thousands of variables,
according to policies that include geographic, price-sensitive ones, etc.
Then there are three subsections:  Roles, Capabilities, and Time.  After
those (end of page 7) would be a good place to put a Caution section.

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