Alternative Decision Making Processes for Consensus-Blocked Decisions in the IETF
RFC 3929

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The IESG has approved the following document:

- 'Alternative Decision Making Processes for Consensus-blocked Decisions 
   in the IETF '
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The IESG contact person is Harald Alvestrand.

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Technical Summary
    This document proposes an experimental set of alternative
    decision-making processes for use in IETF working groups.  There
    are a small number of cases in IETF working groups in which the
    group has come to consensus that a particular decision must be made
    but cannot come to consensus on the decision itself.  This document
    describes alternative mechanisms which can be used to come to a
    decision in those cases.  This is not meant to provide an exhaustive
    list, but to provide a known set of tools which can be used when

Working Group Summary
   Discussion on various mailing lists has elicited a number of comments
   indicating that the procedures in this document are useless or of marginal
   utility, because in a deadlocked situation, one would not be able to get
   consensus to use them. We have seen no compelling argument that their
   availability would be harmful.
   People also stressed the importance of stressing that these procedures
   are a SUPPLEMENT to the normal consensus process. They do not in any way
   replace them.

   This document had a 4-week IETF Last Call.

Protocol Quality

   This document was reviewed for the IESG by Harald Alvestrand.