Alarm Reporting Control Management Information Base (MIB)
RFC 3878

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Comment (2003-09-30)
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The ToC needs to have numbers added.

Buried in the ARCState description is:

" Note that the state alm (alarm reporting is allowed) is not listed
     in the enumeration of the value of this object.  However, this 
     state is implicitly supported by the mib.
     Once a resource enters the normal reporting mode (i.e., in the alm 
     state) for the specified alarm type, the corresponding
     row will be automatically deleted from the arc table.
     Also the manual setting of arcState to alm can be achieved through
     setting the RowStatus object to 'destroy'. 

This seems a major enough design decision on how to accomplish
the work to move it into the text of the document or repeat it there.

The second "even then" in the following text from the Security Considerations
seems spurious 

Even if the network itself is secure (for example by using IPSec),
   even then, there is no control as to who on the secure network
   is allowed to access and GET/SET (read/change/create/delete) the
   objects in this MIB module.

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Comment (2003-09-30)
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The ability to remotely shut off alarms seems to have a slightly different security consideration that the usual MIB document, yet this document has the typical boilerplate.  I do not feel strong enough to register a DISCUSS, but there is something unsettling.  Part of the reason that I do not want to register a DISCUSS is because the alarms themselves are not described in this document.  The context of the alarms needs to be understood to determine the security consequences of masking them.

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