Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)
RFC 3852

Summary: Needs a YES. Needs 9 more YES or NO OBJECTION positions to pass.

(Alexey Melnikov) (was Discuss) Yes

Comment (2009-05-06)
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I would prefer if Errata is folded into the document, references are updated and a new RFC is created.

I am fine with not opening the document to any other kind of change.

(Tim Polk) Yes

(Jari Arkko) No Objection

Comment (2009-04-23)
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Why on earth does the "Position list for N.N. for 2009-04-23 telechat " page in the tracker for this document point to some unrelated draft ( as opposed to the RFC?

(Ron Bonica) No Objection

(Ross Callon) No Objection

(Ralph Droms) No Objection

(Lisa Dusseault) No Objection

(Lars Eggert) (was Discuss, No Objection) No Objection

(Pasi Eronen) No Objection

Comment (2009-04-22)
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I agree with Lars/Alexey that rolling in the erratas and RFC 4853
would improve the document.

(Adrian Farrel) No Objection

(Cullen Jennings) (was Discuss) No Objection

(Dan Romascanu) No Objection

(Robert Sparks) (was Discuss) No Objection

Magnus Westerlund No Objection

(Russ Housley) Recuse

Deborah Brungard No Record

Alissa Cooper No Record

Roman Danyliw No Record

Martin Duke No Record

Benjamin Kaduk No Record

Erik Kline No Record

Murray Kucherawy No Record

Warren Kumari No Record

Barry Leiba No Record

Alvaro Retana No Record

Martin Vigoureux No Record

Éric Vyncke No Record

Robert Wilton No Record