IPsec-Network Address Translation (NAT) Compatibility Requirements
RFC 3715

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This document is the product of the IP Security Protocol Working Group. 

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Technical Summary

  Perhaps the most common use of IPsec is in providing virtual private
  networking capabilities.  One very popular use of VPNs is to provide
  telecommuter access to the corporate Intranet.  Today NATs are widely
  deployed in home gateways, as well as in other locations likely to be
  used by telecommuters, such as hotels.  The result is that IPsec-NAT
  incompatibilities have become a major barrier to deployment of IPsec
  in one of its principal uses.  This draft describes known
  incompatibilities between NAT and IPsec, and describes the
  requirements for addressing them.

Working Group Summary

  The IPsec came to consensus on this document.

Protocol Quality

  This document was reviewed by Russell Housley for the IESG.