UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646
RFC 3629

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(Harald Alvestrand) Discuss

Discuss (2003-08-04)
OK, here's the ABNF issue.

 ISSUE: ABNF, RFC 2234, is at Proposed.
 The text with the ABNF grammar is added between Draft and Full, and 
 thus has had no known implementation or interoperability testing. 
 Thus, we can't be certain of its quality.


 1) add to the beginning of section 4:
 For the convenience of implementors using ABNF, a definition of UTF-8 
 characters in ABNF syntax is given here.

 2) Add to the end of section 4 a NOTE:
 NOTE: The authoritative definition of UTF-8 is in [UNICODE] and 
 [ISO.10646]. This grammar is believed to describe the same thing as 
 what those references describe, but does not claim to be 

 3) Move the RFC 2234 reference from NORMATIVE to INFORMATIVE.

 OK, it's working around the edge. But understanding the ABNF is *not* 
 required to implement UTF-8, which is the point of the document.

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