RFC 2754

Document Type RFC - Historic (January 2000; No errata)
Obsoleted by RFC 6254
Authors Curtis Villamizar  , Ramesh Govindan  , Cengiz Alaettinoglu 
Last updated 2013-03-02
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Network Working Group                                    C. Alaettinoglu
Request for Comments: 2754                                       USC/ISI
Category: Informational                                    C. Villamizar
                                                           Avici Systems
                                                             R. Govindan
                                                            January 2000

                            RPS IANA Issues

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  It does
   not specify an Internet standard of any kind.  Distribution of this
   memo is unlimited.

Copyright Notice

   Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2000).  All Rights Reserved.


   RPS Security [2] requires certain RPSL [1] objects in the IRR to be
   hierarchically delegated.  The set of objects that are at the root of
   this hierarchy needs to be created and digitally signed by IANA. This
   paper presents these seed objects and lists operations required from

   The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT",
   document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.

1 Initial Seed

   A public key of IANA needs to be distributed with the software
   implementations of Distributed Routing Policy System [3].  An initial
   set of seed objects are needed to be signed with this key.  The
   following transaction (the transaction format is defined in [3])
   contains these objects and is signed by this key:

Alaettinoglu, et al.        Informational                       [Page 1]
RFC 2754                    RPS IANA Issues                 January 2000

   mntner:        mnt-iana
   descr:         iana's maintainer
   admin-c:       JKR1
   tech-c:        JKR1
   upd-to:        JKRey@ISI.EDU
   mnt-nfy:       JKRey@ISI.EDU
   auth:          pgpkey-7F6AA1B9
   mnt-by:        mnt-iana
   referral-by:   mnt-iana
   source:        IANA

   key-cert: pgpkey-7F6AA1B9
   method: pgp
   owner:  iana-root (est. Nov 98) <iana@iana.org>
   fingerpr: 71 09 2E 37 71 B8 0A 9C  3B 28 98 B4 F1 21 13 BB
   certif: # this is the real IANA key
   + Version: 2.6.2
   + mQCNAzZJ52sAAAEEAJ//C01YnlaGuXyrC16V7FphkRvBmcNU22TPOzrKnKjnWjH5
   + sJ5UQnGOpyhDc796gqBjY+lTLvPB9sFGJPWgxfNk2JQaxxLTD+tfqSsiURc/srpp
   + XohFAVR/fez8MOecISwvNpFh5VADuFuoNi7ZLuOwVTC4tM5RU0NJa8l/aqG5AAUR
   + tCdpYW5hLXJvb3QgKGVzdC4gTm92IDk4KSA8aWFuYUBpYW5hLm9yZz4=
   + =sF4q
   mnt-by: mnt-iana
   source: IANA

   repository:         IANA
   repository-cert:    PGPKEY-88BAC849
   query-address:      http://www.iana.org
   response-auth-type: none
   submit-address:     http://www.iana.org
   submit-auth-type:   none
   expire:             0000 04:00:00
   heartbeat-interval: 0000 01:00:00
   admin-c:            JKR1
   tech-c:             JKR1
   mnt-by:             mnt-iana
   source:             IANA

Alaettinoglu, et al.        Informational                       [Page 2]
RFC 2754                    RPS IANA Issues                 January 2000

   as-block:     AS0 - AS65535
   descr:        as number space
   country:      us
   admin-c:      JKR1
   tech-c:       JKR1
   status:       UNALLOCATED
   source:       IANA
   mnt-by:       mnt-iana
   mnt-lower:    mnt-iana

   inetnum: -
   netname:      Internet
   descr:        ip number space
   country:      us
   admin-c:      JKR1
   tech-c:       JKR1
   status:       UNALLOCATED
   source:       IANA
   mnt-by:       mnt-iana
   mnt-lower:    mnt-iana

   timestamp: 19991001 01:00:00 +00:00

   + -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----
   + Version: 2.6.2
   + iQCVAwUBOAd3YENJa8l/aqG5AQFVdAP9Ho2TSLGXiDi6v1McsKY4obO32EtP44Jv
   + tpNWiRRz47WIpMBmzUrQajBDNNXzwq9r9mGC75Pg0MMwTDfvA47o6mnIGdT9XyZz
   + s9HlDGOqhklIjHOxXFDrBiz3u7eWEf3vmDCXt6UYg9lUtRKefkWtR5wD1Q1zDMSc
   + 7Ya7PE6X8SU=
   + =sAft
   + -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

   The above text has no extra white space characters at the end of each
   line, and contains no tab characters.  All blank line sequences
   contain only a single blank line.  The page break in the text is also
   a single blank line.

   In this case, we assumed that IANA runs its own repository.  However
   this is not a requirement.  Instead, it may publish this transaction
   with an existing routing registry.

2 IANA Assignments

   Each time IANA makes an assignment, it needs to create inetnum and
   as-block objects as appropriate and digitally sign them using the key
   in its key-cert object.  For example:

Alaettinoglu, et al.        Informational                       [Page 3]
RFC 2754                    RPS IANA Issues                 January 2000

   as-block:     AS0 - AS500
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