Articles of Incorporation of Internet Society
RFC 2134

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Network Working Group                             ISOC Board of Trustees
Request for Comments: 2134                                          ISOC
Category: Informational                                       April 1997

                       ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION
                            INTERNET SOCIETY

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  This memo
   does not specify an Internet standard of any kind.  Distribution of
   this memo is unlimited.


   These are the articles of incorporation of the Internet Society.
   They are published for the information of the IETF community at the
   request of the poisson working group.

1. ISOC articles of incorporation

   To:    Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
          Washington, D.C.  20001

       We, the undersigned natural persons of the age of eighteen years
   or more, acting as incorporators of a corporation, adopt the
   following Articles of Incorporation for such corporation pursuant to
   the District of Columbia Non-Profit Corporation Act:

   1. The name of the corporation is Internet Society.

   2. The period of its duration is perpetual.

   3. The purpose or purposes for which the corporation is organized are
      as follows:

          To be a non-profit corporation (without capital stock), which
      shall be operated exclusively for educational, charitable and
      scientific purposes.  Such educational, charitable, and scientific
      purposes shall include carrying on activities:

      A. To facilitate and support the technical evolution of the
         Internet as a research and education infrastructure, and to
         stimulate the involvement of the scientific community,
         industry, government and others in the evolution of the

ISOC                         Informational                      [Page 1]
RFC 2134             ISOC Articles of Incorporation           April 1997

      B. To educate the scientific community, industry and the public at
         large concerning the technology, use and application of the

      C. To promote educational applications of Internet technology for
         the benefit of government, colleges and universities, industry,
         and the public at large;

      D. To provide a forum for exploration of new Internet
         applications, and to stimulate collaboration among
         organizations in their operational use of the global Internet.

          To exercise all the powers conferred upon corporations formed
      under the District of Columbia Non-Profit Corporation Act in order
      to accomplish the corporation's educational, charitable and
      scientific purposes; and to take other actions necessary or
      convenient to effect any or all of the purposes for which the
      corporation is organized.

   4. The corporation shall not issue any capital stock.

   5. The corporation shall have classes of members, and the
      qualifications and rights of the members, including any right to
      vote, shall be as provided in the by-laws.

   6. The board of directors of the corporation shall be known as the
      Board of Trustees. Except for the initial Board of Trustees, whose
      names are set forth in these Articles of Incorporation, the manner
      in which the Trustees are to be elected or appointed shall be as
      provided in the by-laws.

   7. Provisions for the regulation of the internal affairs of the
      corporation, including provisions for the distribution of assets
      on dissolution or liquidation, are:

      A. No part of the net earnings of the corporation shall inure to
         the benefit of, or be distributable to, any of the Trustees or
         officers or members of the corporation, or any other person,
         except that the corporation shall be authorized and empowered
         to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered. No
         substantial part of the activities of the corporation shall be
         the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting, to
         influence legislation. The corporation shall not participate
         in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing
         of statements), any political campaign on behalf of any
         candidate for public office.

ISOC                         Informational                      [Page 2]
RFC 2134             ISOC Articles of Incorporation           April 1997

      B. The Articles of Incorporation may be amended by the affirmative
         vote of at least four-fifths of the members of the Board of
         Trustees then in office, except that unanimous consent of the
         members of the Board of Trustees then in office shall be
         required for any amendment of this Article 7.

      C. Upon the liquidation, dissolution, or winding up of the
         corporation, after all of its liabilities and obligations have
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