IP over ATM Working Group's Recommendations for the ATM Forum's Multiprotocol BOF Version 1
RFC 1754

Document Type RFC - Informational (January 1995; No errata)
Author Mark Laubach 
Last updated 2013-03-02
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Network Working Group                                         M. Laubach
Request for Comments: 1754                                   Com21, Inc.
Category: Informational                                     January 1995

                      IP over ATM Working Group's
         Recommendations for the ATM Forum's Multiprotocol BOF
                               Version 1

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  This memo
   does not specify an Internet standard of any kind.  Distribution of
   this memo is unlimited.

1.  Abstract

   This document represents an initial list of requirements submitted to
   the ATM Forum's Multiprotocol BOF for the operation of IP over ATM
   networks as determined by the IETF IP over ATM Working Group and
   other working groups. This RFC is issued for the benefit of community
   members.  The information contained in this document is accurate as
   of the date of publication, but is subject to change.  Subsequent
   RFCs will reflect such changes.

   The content of this memo was submitted by the IETF Liaison to the ATM
   Forum as contribution number 94-0954 in the ATM Forum's documentation
   process on 14 September 1994.

2.  Notice

   This contribution has been prepared to assist the ATM Forum.  This
   document is offered to the Forum as a basis for discussion between
   the ATM Forum Multiprotocol BOF and the IETF.  The statements are
   subject to change in form and content after further study and
   discussion.  Specifically, the IETF reserves reserves the right to
   add to, amend or modify the statements contained herein.

3.  Introduction

   The following is the charter statement from the Internet Engineering
   Task Force's (IETF) IP over ATM Working Group (IPATM WG).  It is
   being reproduced here for the benefit of those in the ATM Forum who
   may not be familiar with it:

   "The IP over ATM Working Group will focus on the issues involved in
   running internetworking protocols over Asynchronous Transfer Mode
   (ATM) networks.  The final goal for the Working Group is to produce

Laubach                                                         [Page 1]
RFC 1754         IPATM WG ATM Forum Recommendations V1      January 1995

   standards for the TCP/IP protocol suite and recommendations which
   could be used by other internetworking protocol standards (e.g., ISO
   CLNP and IEEE 802.2 Bridging).

   The Working Group will initially develop experimental protocols for
   encapsulation, multicasting, addressing, address resolution, call set
   up, and network management to allow the operation of internetwork
   protocols over an ATM network.  The Working Group may later submit
   these protocols for IETF standardization.

   The Working Group will not develop physical layer standards for ATM.
   These are well covered in other standards groups and do not need to
   be addressed in this Group.

   The Working Group will develop models of ATM internetworking
   architectures.  This will be used to guide the development of
   specific IP over ATM protocols.

   The Working Group will also develop and maintain a list of technical
   unknowns that relate to internetworking over ATM.  These will be used
   to direct future work of the Working Group or be submitted to other
   standards or research groups as appropriate.

   The Working Group will coordinate its work with other relevant
   standards bodies (e.g., ANSI T1S1.5) to insure that it does not
   duplicate their work and that its work meshes well with other
   activities in this area.  The Working Group will select among ATM
   protocol options (e.g., selection of an adaptation layer) and make
   recommendations to the ATM standards bodies regarding the
   requirements for internetworking over ATM where the current ATM
   standards do not meet the needs of internetworking."

   Historically, a large number of IETF IPATM WG participants are
   employees of companies who are principal members of the ATM Forum.
   Requirements between the two organizations have been communicated
   informally by these participants.  With the establishment of the ATM
   Forum's Multiprotocol BOF activities, it has become prudent now to
   document IETF requirements in a more formal fashion.

   At the July 1994 meeting of the IETF in Toronto, Canada, a request
   was presented to the IP over ATM Working Group by the ATM Forum
   Liaison, Drew Perkins, for the working group to prepare a list of
   requirements as input to the ATM Forum's Multiprotocol BOF
   activities.  This document is a response to that request.

Laubach                                                         [Page 2]
RFC 1754         IPATM WG ATM Forum Recommendations V1      January 1995

4.  List of Requirements for Consideration

4.1  Standardization & Logistics

      - Formal communications between the IETF and the ATM Forum
        should be made via IETF <> ATM Forum Liaison(s), specific
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