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RFC 155

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Obsoleted by RFC 168
Obsoletes RFC 95
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ARPA NETWORK MAILING LISTS      May 1971        RFC 155         NIC 6760

                        LIST TO RECEIVE RFC'S

Note:  This list includes all Network Liaisons and others who should
receive initial distribution of formal documents.  It supersedes RFC 95,
and corresponds to Current Directory of Network Participants, NIC 5799.

AMES                                    CCA

James A. Jeske                          Richard Winter
Mail Stop 233-10                        Computer Corporation of America
NASA Ames Research Center               565 Technology Square
Moffett Field, Calif. 94035             Cambridge, Mass. 02139

ARC                                     CMU

John T. Melvin                          Harold R. Van Zoeren
Stanford Research Institute             Carnegie-Mellon University
Augmentation Research Center            Computer Science Department
333 Ravenswood Avenue                   Schenley Park
Menlo Park, Calif. 94025                Pittsburgh, Pa 15213


Richard W. Watson                       Robert Sundberg
Stanford Research Institute             Harvard University
Augmentation Research Center            Aiken Computation Laboratory
333 Ravenswood Avenue                   33 Oxford Street
Menlo Park, Calif. 94025                Cambridge, Mass. 02138


Jeanne B. North                         James Madden
Stanford Research Institute             University of Illinois
Augmentation Research Center            Center for Advanced Computation
333 Ravenswood Avenue                   168 Engineering Research Laboratory
Menlo Park, Calif. 94025                Urbana, Illinois 61801

ARPA                                    LINC

Dr. Lawrence G. Roberts                 Joel Winett (for the 360)
Advanced Research Projects Agency       Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1400 Wilson Boulevard                   Lincoln Laboratory
Arlington, Virginia 22209               244 Wood Street
                                        Lexington, Mass. 02173

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BBN-SCI                                 William Kantrowitz (for the TX-2)
                                        Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dan Murphy                              Lincoln Laboratory
Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.            244 Wood Street
50 Moulton Street                       Lexington, Mass 02173
Cambridge, Mass. 02138
                                        Albert Vezza
Alex McKenzie                           Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.            Project MAC
50 Moulton Street                       545 Technology Square
Cambridge, Mass. 02138                  Cambridge, Mass. 02139

CASE                                    MITRE

John Barden                             David Wood
Case Western Reserve University         MITRE Corporation
Computing and Information Sciences      Information Systems Dept., W140
Room 222, Crawford Hall                 Westgate Research Park
10900 Euclid Avenue                     McLean, Va. 22101
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

NETWORK MAILING LISTS   May 1971        RFC 155    NIC 6760

NBS                                     UCLA-NMC

Thomas N Pyke, Jr.                      Ari Ollikainen
National Bureau of Standards            University of California at Los Angeles
Center for Computer Sciences and        Computer Science Department
   Technology                           3732 Boelter Hall
Washington, D.C. 20234                  Los Angeles, Calif. 90024

RADC                                    Steve Crocker (for ARPA Office Liaison)
                                        University of California at Los Angeles
Thomas Lawrence                         Computer Science Department
Rome Air Development Center (ISIM)      3732 Boelter Hall
Griffiss Air Force Base                 Los Angeles, Calif. 90024
Rome, New York  13440

RAND                                    UCSB

John Heafner                            James White
Rand Corporation                        University of California at Santa
Computer Science Department                Barbara
1700 Main Street                        Computer Research Laboratory
Santa Monica, Calif. 90406              Santa Barbara, Calif. 93106

SDC                                     USC

Abe Landsberg                           Dr. Richard E. Kaplan
System Development Corporation          University of Southern California
2500 Colorado Avenue                    School of Engineering
Santa Monica, Calif. 90406              Los Angeles, Calif. 90007

SRIAI                                   UTAH

Michael Wilber                          Barry D. Wessler
Stanford Research Institute             University of Utah
Artificial Intelligence Group           Computer Science/IRL
333 Ravenswood Avenue                   Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
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